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The Clean Up Act


I’ve been meaning to tell you so much for so long now. Trust me, I have. I just haven’t found the time. We’ve had cousin after cousin visit us for the last month. And of course we went to a BIG FAT wedding last month as well. So the plum jam I intended to make, well the ingredients are all mixed up and in the freezer since I got back! I will make the jam, I will. Tomorrow!

So why have I finally found time? Well, I’ve just shipped 16 gift boxes of a custom order, I’m home alone and dinner can wait J

You remember the cheesecake that was inspired by the baking class? I don’t think I told you this, but……………………………I also took a soap making lesson!

Much needed after numerous failed attempts to recreate the liquid soap from a bar soap that so many blogs promised could actually happen. Well, in my case, it never happened. It just looked like snot! Who the hell in their right mind would want to bathe with snot! Well, um….I tried. It really was terrible to look at but it made my skin feel amazing. So I found the class online, booked and marched to it right after my baking lesson.

My soaps have come a long way since I first started J

I make cold process soaps now with herbs and oils and natural essential oils. I like making them so much that I’ve decided to set up shop so I can keep making em J but there is one small glitch however. It takes 4 whole weeks to get a bar of soap out there so you can go gaga over it. 4 whole weeks! Of waiting! Imagine! But then you do need a hard bar of soap. Can’t have it melt in the shower.

There are so many things to think about and decide upon. When I first started thinking of setting up shop, I knew I would be making very simple/plain-looking bars of soap but I still wanted so many different fragrances. I wanted a chocolate soap bar and I wanted a strawberry soap bar and the list would never end. Then I went straight back to where it all started and was reminded that the reason I wanted to make soap for myself was because I wanted it to be chemical free. And if I wanted that for myself, why could I not want it for you?! No chemicals, no synthetic fragrances and nothing artificial as far as I can help it. But if someone does come along and ask for a custom order then I might think about it. It is a free country and you should be able to use the kind of soap you want to at the least!

There is much about cold process soaps online, so if you really want to know then you can just Google it. I wouldn’t want to direct you to any particular website and have you think that I’m out to paint a rosy picture J

Here are some pictures of what I’ve been doing and do feel free to visit the Facebook page of Corina Soap Works (yup that’s what I named it, more on that later)

My very first batch of soap – Green Tea and Ylang Ylang (not a great pic)

After a month of thought – Chocolate swirls (not scented with synthetic chocolate fragrance, it has cocoa in it)

And my latest – Cinnamon Cookie (I don’t know if it smells like a cinnamon cookie really but to me it spells Christmas J )

Oh! Btw its wet soap and that’s why its so shiny…

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