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DIY Draw-string pouches


I’ve been away too long.

I wanted to share much of all the journeys I’ve been on but I just couldn’t do it. Maybe a little later.

So here I am, trying my luck at writing again. Here to share my excitement with you and oh! has it been an exciting time or what!!

A very close friend of mine recently started up her jewellery page on Facebook and let me do a small shoot of some of her jewellery. It was a lot of fun and learning. I’m glad and so grateful for such an opportunity.

This is one of my favorite shots!!

And I know I didn’t do a completely professional job but hey, I tried!

So anyway, a month or so later, my dear friend decided that she wanted to be part of an exhibition and that was exciting news for both of us! But like mommy says, ” You laugh too much and you end up crying, so be careful!” And we laughed too much it looked like for the delivery of the packaging material she’d ordered was delayed.

But dimaag ki batti jali and just in time! I took some of her old dupattas and sewed some pouches! Now now, they’re not so bad looking and i didn’t do a completely amateur job of it. See for yourself!!

I told you they weren’t so bad. And they were real easy to sew! I’d imagined them to be a lot of work but I made 50 of those and it really didn’t seem like much.

I followed this tutorial, but of course, I made a few changes as you can see. I only wish I had more time to have made exactly the same ones, they’re just so pretty!! Maybe next time.

I’ve been quilting of late. I’ve finished two and am working on two more. More on that later 🙂