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Cupcake and cupcake stand template (DIY)


I started to quilt, or rather shop for my quilts when I arrived back home in Feb’ 13. And oh boy! Did I shop!!

I think the owner of that little cloth store waits for me each week with a secret stash of the cutest prints I will ever find around town. He just makes me so happy!

I promised photos of my quilts but, truth be told I’m such a lazy soul (I haven’t finished all four as yet) and my span of attention is almost the same as that of a toddler. I start one thing and I move onto another so fast I probably wouldn’t even remember I started the first thing. So I got home, went shopping, bought out the store, started quilting and then the cross stitch bug bit me. It bit me so hard I decided to make tea towels. Notice how that was in plural?? I told you it bit me HARD.

So I got onto Pinterest and started looking for free cross stitch patterns (which I’ve pinned here) and then I think the whole swarm descended upon me.

Though I must warn you, I’m not entirely sure if all the patterns are free as I’ve only repinned them and haven’t actually visited the sites. Also, most phones have the option of saving the image to your camera roll and that’s exactly what I did since it was only for personal use and then I didn’t copy the exact pattern.

I’m no pro at cross stitch, so if the experienced lot does get into the nitty gritties of it, there are a bunch of goof ups to be discovered. But I did put a lot of effort into making these for my sister, so I guess I’m happy.

It’s not a great picture and the background has been photoshopped. And the reason for all of that? I was in a tearing hurry to present them to her.

Cupcakes 2

The bottom of the purple teapot isn’t exactly pretty but I’m not the one who can take it all off n start over. So I just let it be.

And then, I wanted to make a third one for a visiting cousin but didn’t have as much time so I decided to try some appliqué work. Now, I tried to machine embroider it to the towel and it was such a disaster!! I mean if you zoom in and look at it, that stitch is going in all directions (I would like to remind you this was my first attempt ever!).


I looked online for a template but since I’ve been blessed with inkscape and some little knowledge on how to work it, I decided to make my own template.

Of course I wanted a pretty stand with 3 cupcakes and the works but, like I explained earlier, this was my first and I realized something simple would be best. So I made up a template and this is what it actually looked like.

Cupcake Pic2

The whole thing measures approximately 9 inches in width and 5 inches in height. And if you want to only piece the cupcakes together from the template like I did, then the cupcake should measure approximately 3 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height.

The template is in PDF format and needs to be printed in actual size and not scaled to the paper source. Click here for the template.

Since I had extra time on my hands, I turned the template into a coloring page for kids.

Cupcake Template

Click here for the coloring page.

Hope to see you again soon…